Four Seniors Receive Recognition Form the National Merit Scholarship Program

Alexis Kelerchian, Writer

Gwynedd Mercy Academy celebrates a remarkable few seniors for their academic excellence in standardized testing. Hayley Young ’22, Anna Marie Patti ’22, Kira Kawczynski ’22, and Alexis Kelerchian ’22 were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program for their outstanding performance on the Preliminary SAT (the PSAT)/ National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test in 2020. Hayley Young and Anna Marie Patti now continue to compete for the National Merit Scholarship as semi-finalists. The Mercy Magnet will continue to cover Hayley and Anna’s progress in the program and congratulates the four seniors on their exemplary testing performance.

Additionally, the academy recognizes Hayley Young ’22 for earning a perfect score on the ACT, a 36. Nationally, little more than 5,500 students score a 36 on the ACT per administration, a minute 0.334% of the total demographic taking the exam. Hayley’s exceptional score is demonstrative of her distinguished academic success both in the Gwynedd classroom and in standardized testing.

Gwynedd is proud to be instructing such brilliant minds and looks forward to seeing what our seniors go on to do after their time in the red and gold corridors.