Club and Activities Fair

Kiley McMahon

The 2022-2023 school year has been off to a great start with the annual Club and Activities fair having just taken place on September 7th! While the Monarchs perused the Gym during community period, they were met with a lot of the same clubs from previous years. There were also some great additional clubs this year: the Black Alliance Club, PRISM, and Blossom in STEM. Prior to writing this article, I was able to briefly speak with some of the leaders who happily shared information about their new clubs for all students who have an interest in joining. Starting with the new STEM club, senior founder Ally Croushore states that Blossom in STEM is an outreach program “that aims to teach middle school girls about the many opportunities that STEM offers and helps them to find their passions. It provides great educational opportunities to all Gwynedd students and is super fun for all who participate”. Continuing on the path of educational clubs, the Black Alliance club, founded by sophomores Carli Amos and Aiden Arrington, intends to “educate and strengthen our efforts to promote African American education in private schools.” Lastly, I met with the founder of PRISM who spoke about the club’s intentions. “Prism is a community of learners, advocates, allies, and friends supporting and celebrating the LGBTQ community within GMA and beyond”, senior founder Ace Harvest said. “Our goal is to give students a place to shine their light—a brave space to honor their most authentic selves.” Although club sign-ups have already closed, students will still have the opportunity to join them in the second semester. Be sure to keep an eye out!