100 Day Celebration for Class of 2022!


Grace Stetler, Writer

Anticipation would be the best way to describe the Class of 2022’s 100 Day Celebration on February 23rd of this school year. The class gathered for ice cream, pictures, and laughs in the Gwynedd gym as they rehashed old memories from their four-year journey at the Academy. The girls sat around talking about their funniest freshman memories, favorite classes, and happiest times while students at Gwynedd. The best part about the Class of 2022 is their comradery.  Together, they are one special family in one special school.  As the class prepares to be Gwynedd alumnae and a part of the eternal “Gwynedd Sisterhood”, they unite for one final countdown on a day that will be remembered by each Senior. Thank you to the Gwynedd Alumnae Association, led by Mrs. Reimel and Mrs. Straub for planning a memorable celebration. Each person in the Class of 2022 will not only remember their 100 Day Celebration but have yet another memory to add to their time capsule as a Gwynedd girl.