Mercy Mester- Project Runway


Kalie Mogg, Editor

The Project Runway Mercy Mester class was taught by Mrs. Daly and Mrs. Clearkin and gave girls the ability to learn the process of designing clothes. When asked how she thought the three-day course went, Mrs. Daly said, “I was very impressed by the students’ creativity and how seriously they took the tasks I assigned them”. During the first day, the girls explored their own styles, along with new, bolder styles by creating a mood board. To create a well put together mood board, the girls had to decide on a color palette, patterns, textures, accessories, and trending styles that all fit well together. Their mood boards were used as inspiration for the colors, patterns, and styles they would use to draw their own outfits over the next two days. To draw their outfits, the girls used a printed croquis, which is an outline of a body, and taped tracing paper over it. They then traced the body and drew the vision they had for their outfit on it. After this, Mrs. Daly and Mrs. Clearkin encouraged the girls to make the outfit their own by coloring it in using patterns, textures, and colors from their mood boards. This simple process is used by real fashion designers! By the end of the three days, the girls had drawn at least three outfits for their very own “fashion line”!