Speech and Debate Continues to Dominate the Virtual Competition World


Lauren Slovensky, Editor-In-Chief

Ending the month of January on a strong note with even stronger performances, senior Sahiba Tandon and sophomore Ava Harvest attended the Barkley Forum Invitational. Competing in Informative, Sahiba placed as a quarterfinalist, and Ava placed as a semi-finalist in Original Oratory. The outstanding success did not stop there for this talented team, and while the two girls competed at the invitational hosted by Emory University, other members of the team competed in the Ridge Invitational. Junior Gabrielle Broytman and sophomore Gracelyn Parenti placed as semi-finalists in Declamation, junior Kira Kawczynski placed 6th in Dramatic, and sophomore Molly Meehan brought home the 1st place win in Informative. Their success continued into the next month as members attended The Liberty Bell Classic, with Gabrielle placing as a quarter-finalist in Declamation, Molly placing as a semi-finalist in Informative, Kira placing as a quarter-finalist in Dramatic, and Sahiba placing 2nd in Original Oratory with a complementary 1st place win in Informative.

Fast-forwarding to their most recent competition, members of the team looked to compete and secure their spots for the NCFL National Tournament. With Sahiba qualifying for Original Oratory, Molly and Ava qualifying for Declamation, junior Kelly O’Donnell and Kira qualifying for Duo, and Gabrielle qualifying for Oral Interpretation, all six girls who attended qualified in their individual competitions! The Gwynedd Community congratulates this hard-working team on all of their success so far this year and will continue to root for them as each member goes on to dominate in the upcoming tournaments!