Soccer Celebrates Their Seniors


Morgan Hynes, Writer

This Tuesday, October 5th, was a big night for the six seniors of Gwynedd Soccer (Halle Coller, Izzy Fiore, Morgan Hynes, Paige Johnson, Sam McDonnell, and Cassidy Palazzo) as we played our rival, Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Like most senior nights, the underclassmen decorated our lockers and made us signs. The ceremony was led by Mrs. Fasano, and we were accompanied arm-in-arm by our parents. After getting a few necessary photos, it was time to start the highly anticipated game—or so we thought. Our coach informed us that the refs had had a mix-up and that they would not show up in time for our game! This was not what the seniors had expected, but we made the most of the situation knowing that the game was rescheduled for the following day. We took photos in front of our beautiful signs and headed back to the school for the team dinner. The entire cafeteria was decorated with pictures of us and had a red and gold theme. We left that night partially fulfilled, knowing we still needed to pull out a win the following day. When Wednesday came around, we were ready to defeat Mount Saint Joseph for the final time—and we certainly did! After a grueling seventy-nine minutes of soccer, Hannah Griffin ’23 scored off of a free-kick, finishing the game with a 1-0 win! Although this senior night did not go as planned, the team still pulled together an unforgettable night for the seniors and an epic win!