Freshmen Retreat Day 2022

Lila Murphy

This year’s Freshman Retreat was held at Gwynedd on October 12, 2022. The freshmen enjoyed a day of fun and getting to know each other more, while experiencing the Mercy Spirit that Gwynedd has to offer.

The class of ’26 began their day in the gymnasium. Mr. Fromhold kicked things off with a run-down of the day’s activities and then senior Elizabeth Romano led everyone in prayer. The freshmen were then divided up into 10 groups based on colored ribbons they got in the envelopes they received. Once in their groups, the girls made name tags and got to know one another for a few minutes. The fun began with some ice breakers that included five of the ten groups standing on the inside of the gym while the other five groups faced the ones in the middle. They all received a piece of paper with questions on it, including a list of 25 questions that allowed each girl to share something a little more personal with her Gwynedd Sisters. As the girls faced one other they shared their answers for about a minute each. Mr. Fromhold kept the game moving along, giving each girl a chance to share her response.

The day got even more exciting when everyone got back in their original groups and played “Two Truths and a Lie”. The competition was brewing as everyone formulated their own two truths and a lie to tell. In each group, girls took turns telling their two truths and a lie, while everyone else in the group pondered which of the statements was not true. After the excitement of the competition, everyone followed Mr. Fromhold into the PAC for some educational speeches presented by the seniors. Next, the class went into the chapel and Mrs. Szewszack inspired everyone with a discussion about what Mercy means to her. The freshmen were then graced with a student’s perspective of mercy from Emily, the student council president. They ended the day writing a letter to themselves that they will read at their senior retreat in 2026.

When asked about her thoughts on the retreat, freshman Kaelyn Whitaker said, “Learning more about who we are character-wise was something I think we all really took away from this retreat.”