Mission Day


Lauren Ryan, Writer

Friday, April 29 was Senior-Freshman Mission & Leadership Day at Gwynedd. While the sophomores were on their retreat and the juniors had a college visit day, the seniors and freshmen paired up to participate in service activities that tied into the mission of our school.

The day began in the PAC with an introduction from the freshmen who organized the day, followed by a presentation by Alyce Bossow Cerniglia ’88, who spoke about her involvement with the charity For Pete’s Sake. Then, the students met in groups and traveled around the school to visit different classrooms and complete the service activities inside. The groups put together hundreds of projects that will truly make a difference in the community! Afterward, freshmen met up with their senior big sisters to eat lunch together before the day ended.

This Mission Day was planned entirely by 14 dedicated freshmen – with help from Mrs. Guarnaccia and Mrs. Carty – and nine amazing organizations benefitted from the service projects. It was the first time that an all-freshman group took on the leadership role for such a big event at Gwynedd. Lucy Ke ‘25, one of the organizers who partnered with the organization Sara’s Smiles, says that “Our Gwynedd girls accomplished so much by not only completing the projects, but by doing so with love and the Mercy Spirit, knowing that these projects would be impacting many lives.” Catherine Imbesi ’25, another Mission Day leader who partnered with the charity Cradles to Crayons, says that “Mission Day was so meaningful because it gave me a chance to bond with my sister [Rose Imbesi ‘22] and the other seniors before they go to college. It also helped me to understand the mission of our school and how we can help out other organizations.”

Overall, the April Mission Day was a huge success, that not only increased the bonds between Gwynedd girls but also made an important impact that spreads far beyond the red and gold corridors.