Spring Sports Begin

Ashley Kane, Writer

Spring Sports are back!  On Monday, March 7th, Gwynedd lacrosse, track, softball, and crew started their training for the spring season.  Even through the rain, Gwynedd’s track team ran a light mile while Gwynedd’s lacrosse team started getting back in shape with a timed mile.  In addition to the track and lacrosse team, Gwynedd’s softball team practiced fielding out on the softball field, and Gwynedd’s crew team rowed outside on the ergs.  Last year, athletes were required to wear masks while training, and the girls are now super excited that they can practice with all their teammates without any COVID restrictions.  When asked about the upcoming spring season, Gwynedd track team member expresses, “I love the positive atmosphere this year, and the freedom we now have since COVID has slowed down.”  In the end, all Gwynedd athletes can’t wait to start their season and show the Gwynedd community what they are capable of.