The Mother-Daughter Fashion Show


Lauren Ryan, Writer

On Sunday, January 30, Gwynedd’s Mothers Club hosted its annual Fashion Show at Presidential Caterers in East Norriton. As students and their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers arrived, they were greeted by smiling faces and stunning “Night in Venice”-themed decorations. Guests had time to socialize in the lobby and browse the raffle baskets- which included everything from Cycle Bar classes to Gwynedd gear to various gift cards. Then, the guests took their seats and watched the fashion show begin.  

This year, the styles featured were from Love Obsessed, Paper Dolls, and The Country Bride and Gent. The show was hosted by three seniors, and over 40 others modeled for the runway. Senior Morgan Hynes was one of the models who loved her experience at the fashion show this year. “I modeled for Love Obsessed Boutique, and I enjoyed the fashion show because it was really fun to try something different. I liked walking the runway a lot more than I thought I would- it was so fun!” she said. In addition, the students who were not up on the runway still had a great time watching the show. Freshman Catherine Imbesi says, “I liked the fashion show because my sister [Rose Imbesi] is a senior and I loved watching her and her friends step out of their comfort zones and rock the clothes!” 

Overall, this year’s fashion show was a huge success with the highest attendance ever for a Gwynedd fashion show. This Mercy tradition continues to be an exciting and special event for all Gwynedd girls.