Field Hockey’s Last Game of the Season


Alexis Kelerchian, Writer

Saturday, November 20th, marked the end of an outstanding season for Gwynedd’s 2021 Field Hockey Team. Student and family fans alike arrived at the academy at 10 AM to send off our team before their final game of the season. After the team left, student fans piled into a fan bus to cheer on their GMA sisters. Gwynedd girls dressed in red, gold, and butterfly wings arrived at Whitehall High School to see their peers warming up on the field, determined to play for the gold. The stadiums were ecstatic, electrified by the girls’ energy and grit on the turf. Gwynedd’s student section dominated the stands just as the GMA team dominated the field. Alaina McVeigh scored two points for Gwynedd, leading an impressive offense to counter Twin Valley’s tough defense. After four quarters that left Twin Valley and Gwynedd fans alike on the edge of their seats, the Gwynedd Mercy Field Hockey Team earned the title of Runner-Up State Champions with a 2 – 3 loss. Although the outcome was less than favorable, the Gwynedd community argues that the team’s loss was hardly a loss at all, but a showcase of GMA field hockey’s spirit, courage, determination, skill, and strength. After months of battling through the conference, regional, and ultimately state-qualifying matches, Gwynedd’s field hockey team stands proud as an exemplar of sportsmanship and athletic excellence. The Academy is proud of our field hockey team’s outstanding season, and we cannot wait to see our monarchs spread their wings and soar in their future athletic endeavors.