New Clubs

Eleanor Jones, Writer

Gwynedd Mercy has initiated several new clubs this year! Here is a quick summary of the new clubs that Gwynedd Students have started for the 2021-2022 school year.

Animation Analysis Club is a perfect space to watch, enjoy, and discuss movies across all genres in the Animation medium. Gabriella Broytman and Teresa Micthell are the co-presidents.

The Astronomy Club opens an outlet to encourage Gwynedd students to pursue interest in this area, as well as support for careers in stem. The club president is Diya Patel, and the moderator is Mrs. Buckius.

Flag Football is a great way to show off your Gwynedd spirit. If you want to get active in the middle of day or between classes in the morning, flag football is a fun way to do so. The club president is Isabella Juarez.

The Health Careers Club takes a step forward in encouraging girls to take advantage of the different possibilities of health careers. This is done through sessions regarding different paths in undergraduate degrees and the opportunities that can lead to higher education and different jobs. Alexis Borelli is the president and Mrs. Clearkin is the moderator.

Investment club welcomes a space for Gwynedd girls to learn and understand finance and economics with the guidance of their peers. Katelyn McGuire and Danielle Dick are the co-presidents and Mrs. May is the moderator.

Jigsaw Puzzle Club is a relaxing break during the school day to be with friends during community periods and puzzle! The co-presidents are Annie Brown, Samantha Conway, and Claire Schilling. Mrs. Decicco is the moderator.

Gwynedd’s new Podcast Club is an all-in-one place for a variety of occupations. ┬áJobs involving communications such as writing, production, and technology. It invites alumni to share their career paths and stories after their Gwynedd education. The club is diligently run by their presidents, Kylie McMahon and Carla Scarpato. Their moderators are Ms. Reimel and Mrs. Straub.

Mental Health awareness has sky-rocketed in recent years. Psychology club is an open door to discuss psychology at any level of interest to be open for discussion. This club is run by Diya Patel and the moderator is Mrs. Battisto.

Sign Language is a great way to meet and understand our peers in a new way by learning the basics of sign language. Emily Morrison and Ellie Perry are the presidents and Mrs. Naucodie is the moderator.

Every one of these clubs has been pitched and are currently run by students. It is important for the Gwynedd community to know that anyone can pitch and then start a club if they think it would benefit the school.