2020 Junior Retreat

Maddie Gibson

On December 11th, Gwynedd hosted the Junior Retreat for the Class of 2022. The Juniors enjoyed the chance to spend the day with each other under safe guidelinesas an entire class. Mr. Fromhold, Sister Patti, faculty, staff, and student leaders organized and executed a successful retreat for the junior class. The theme of the day revolved around giving compassion, receiving compassion, and having compassion for one’s self.

As all things begin at Gwynedd, the morning began with prayer and opening remarks to set intentions for the day. The girls made their way to three different stations throughout the morning. For the giving compassion station, Gwynedd was thankful to welcome guests of the Blue Star Mom’s Organization. After the presentation, the girls had the opportunity to write letters and make care packages for troops. For the receiving compassion station, students engaged in a letter writing activity. They wrote personalized letters to their peers for them to open on a bad day. Finally, at the self-compassion station, students gathered in the chapel for some journaling, guided meditation, and insightful, student-led discussion.

When the Stations ended, the girls came together once again for reflection, a surprise class video, and closing remarks. Student leader Mia Van Mater reflects on the day: “COVID-19 does have its difficulties, but I am so glad we had the experience to gather safely as a class for the retreat”. The Class of 2022 looks forward to coming together once again in what hopes to be the near future.