Gwynedd’s New Activity Period

Kylie McMahon

Due to COVID-19 Gwynedd, like many other schools, had to adapt their learning environment to better fit the health guidelines and students’ schedules. Along with the temporary extended-period and new safety protocols, Gwynedd has added in Activity Periods. Activity Periods are seventy-minute periods that take place on both A and B days, allowing each student to take a well-earned break. While the virtual students are advised to use their period wisely at home, the girls in school partake in fun and relaxing activities. Clubs are asked to sponsor each Activity Period with a fun activity which relates to that club’s mission. Kicking off the school year, Spirit Club asked the student body to bring in a plain white t-shirt and a Ziploc bag so that they could tie-dye shirts in honor of Mercy Day. The Environmental Club decided to take the students outside on a relaxing nature walk up by the turf field. To make it even more enticing, they also created a Kahoot to test the students’ knowledge of what is and is not recyclable with a prize for whoever had the highest score. Latin club oversaw the most previous Activity Period which was decorating masks. At each socially distanced table, Latin Club gave students the option to either write letters to the elderly or create their own unique masks while learning about their purposes back in Ancient Greece. Activity Periods allow girls in the red and gold cohorts to continue to educate themselves on important matters while enjoying their free time!