Upperclassmen Winter Formal


Ashley O'Doherty

Lights, camara, action! GMA’s upperclassmen took a trip to Hollywood’s Golden Age for their winter formal on February 11th, 2023. Leading up to the event, the Student Council representatives along with coordinators Mrs. Daly and Mrs. Clearkin worked tirelessly to make sure the formal would be a night to remember. It most certainly was! Everyone got to have their Hollywood moment walking a red carpet leading up to the gym. The school was decorated with gold balloons and even little Hollywood Walk of Fame stars. I personally had to get a picture with the summer icon and Philly legend, Miles Teller’s star. When students were not singing their hearts out and dancing till their feet hurt in the gym, they were snacking on the delicious food in the cafeteria provided by Gwynedd’s Brock Chefs. Junior student, Jenny Keagy recalls the night saying It was a fun night filled with amazing music and food. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.” Special thanks to the Student Council for making the upperclassmen’s Hollywood dreams come true and creating a night to remember.