LEAD Externship Alumnae Reception

Eleanor Jones

The LEAD Externship Alumnae Reception was held on the 13th of October 2022. Lead, Educate, Achieve, Develop. Over the summer, over 50 girls took the initiative of the opportunity placed before them. Mrs. Guarnaccia, along with President Denise Marbach orchestrated the companies and industries involved in this affair. From engineering, to business, to culinary, to environmental preservation, students could stretch their interests far with a helping hand from Gwynedd. While the Externships were based by the company, students were paired with a mentor to better understand and develop their skills and passions. For the reception, posters, PowerPoints, and other presentations were shown throughout the school. During Community Period and WIN, students presented their findings to their companies, families, faculty, and other students. It was welcome to all passers-by. After all their hard work over the summer, the students were able to see their success displayed and tell others about their experience, hopefully encouraging even more to get involved with an Externship program next year.