Senior Mentorship Spotlight


Kalie Mogg, Editor

Seniors were recently introduced to the Gwynedd Force Mentorship Program, where each senior was assigned a mentor. Mrs. Straub was able to collaborate with Gwynedd alumnae of all ages, career paths, and positions, who signed up to mentor current Gwynedd seniors. When introducing the program to the seniors, Mrs. Straub explained that the purpose of the program is to “provide seniors with an opportunity to seek advice from alumnae as they embark on the college application process, their future career, and choose a college and major”. Furthermore, the program “allows alumnae to share their experiences and feedback to guide students as they prepare for college and their future careers”. Seniors are required to meet with their assigned mentor four times throughout the year for about an hour at a time. Each meeting has a different theme; the first concentrates on an introduction and student resumes. The second meeting will focus on goals and decision making, the third centers around career lessons, and the fourth meeting is the wrap up meeting. The mentorship program is a great opportunity Gwynedd offers and it is so beneficial in providing Gwynedd seniors with experiences in communication, social skills, and relationships.