Tennis Club Makes it’s Debut

Lauren Ryan, Writer

Gwynedd is so excited about its newest club, Tennis Club! The Tennis Club was introduced to the students on Monday, February 28, and had its first meeting on Friday, March 4. The Tennis Club generated immediate interest from students of all grades and skill levels, with about 80 students signing up in just a few days. Catherine Imbesi ’25, Sophie Wenz ’25, and Juliet Murphy 23 – all members of Gwynedd’s tennis team in the fall- co-founded and will lead the club. Catherine, Sophie, and Juliet have all been so excited about Tennis Club, and they happily spoke to the Magnet about it. When asked why they started tennis club, Catherine said, “Sophie, Juliet, and I started tennis club because we are all on the tennis team and we noticed that the courts are not being used outside of our short season. We wanted all the girls to get outside, meet new people, and learn some skills!” Her enthusiasm for the sport and this club was evident. Sophie also shared what she was most excited about for the new club. She said “I am excited to meet all the new people who joined the club. It seems like such a great environment and group of people. And I can’t wait to get outside!” Sophie talked about how happy she was to see people excited about the Tennis Club, and how she hopes the meetings will be something that members look forward to. Lastly, Juliet shared what type of activities members can expect at meetings for the future. “We want to do a March Madness tournament, go over basic skills, and play some fun tennis games! And we also want to do activities for team bonding and sisterhood!” she says. The leaders of the club emphasized that members do not need to be tennis stars. They just need to be open-minded and excited for a fun time in a relaxed environment. The Tennis Club is going to be a terrific addition to our Gwynedd community’s set of clubs and activities!