Recap of Gwynedd’s Coat Drive

Recap of Gwynedds Coat Drive

Grace Stetler, Writer

Gwynedd gives warmth! One month ago, Ava Kolp, a sophomore at Gwynedd, partnered with the program, One Warm Coat. One Warm Coat’s mission is to provide gently used coats at no cost to children and adults in need while promoting environmental sustainability. This organization partners with communities like Gwynedd to collect any spare coats and provide warmth to people from coast to coast.  

This year, Ava Kolp took the initiative to help those in need. A sophomore member on L.E.A.D, Ava saw an organization that she felt connected to and that the Gwynedd community could impact. Ava says, “One Warm Coat not only is a great organization with a great mission, but one that we could impact as a mercy community. This is something we could all contribute to”. Ava Kolp is not only a member of L.E.A.D, but a true leader for all of the students to look up to because of her initiative and dedication to making a difference. 

So how did the collection go? One word could simply describe the outcome: FANTASTIC! A gigantic box was placed in the breezeway across from the gym for all the coats to be stored as students and faculty donated. By the end of the first week, L.E.A.D members helped Ava empty the box and store the bags and bags of coats already donated. At the conclusion of the drive, Ava and L.E.A.D members were able to collect numerous large bags full of coats! After organizing all of the coats, Ava connected with One Warm Coat to see what her next steps should be. The organization reached out to Ava and told her that because of the number of coats she collected they want to donate some of the coats directly to their main headquarters. What an accomplishment! 

Ava’s coat drive was not only successful because of what she was able to collect, but because of the community, she was able to build. As a school, Gwynedd was able to come together to serve others. Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School’s mission is to inspire, empower, and educate young women in all that they do. Through Ava Kolp’s coat drive, the Gwynedd community was inspired, empowered, and educated to serve others in mercy.