The 2021 Gwynedd Giving Tree

Ashley Kane, Writer

From November 23rd, 2021, to December 13th, 2021, Gwynedd girls brought in gifts for the Giving Tree! Over the course of two weeks, Gwynedd girls worked together to bring in 190 presents for young boys and girls.  Precisely 70 more gifts compared to last year! Furthermore, the Giving Tree at Gwynedd lives as a very important tradition to help those at Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, a group that works to help those suffering in poverty.  This year, Gwynedd partnered with the Travis Mannion Foundation to support the Toys for Tots Program, an organization that provides Christmas gifts to economically disadvantaged children, via the Giving Tree.  Lastly, a big thank you goes out to Mr. Fromhold who managed and organized the Giving Tree.  He continues to teach students the importance of giving, and Gwynedd girls appreciate his hard work.  In the end, Gwynedd students and faculty can’t wait for next year!!!