2021 Arts Festival


Elizabeth Gomez, Junior Editor

On April 27th, the Gwynedd Community hosted their annual Arts Festival, where students who either participate in AP Art Studio, Honors Art Studio and Art History, Mixed Media Studio, Ceramics and Sculpture, and Drawing and Painting displayed their works of art, and Girls with Guitars, Jazz Band, A Cappella, Orchestra, Victoria Starynski and Jessica Crocker (violins), Glee Club, Abigail Gorsuch, and Chorale musically performed. Beautiful voices and artworks filled the school’s hallways! The creative side of Gwynedd absolutely flourished, and the students’ talents were exposed to the community and gained much deserved praise and attention. Even with the obstacle of COVID, Gwynedd took the necessary precautions to ensure safety: visitors were required to fill out forms that asked about their temperature and current feelings. The Arts of Gwynedd shone on April 27th, and many were impressed by the pure talent Gwynedd’s students have.