Virtual McAuley’s Pub Night 2021


Grace Stetler

“Yet another success, only all virtual!” “McAuley’s Pub Night does it again!” These are only some of the things that were heard around our school community after Gwynedd Mercy’s annual fundraiser, McAuley’s Pub Night was able to raise over $70, 000 for our beloved school . Gwynedd was able to secure and exceed a $50,000 challenge grant by the EE Ford Foundation for Leadership programs for our school. Led by Jeannine Hartz, Director of Stewardship, and co-chaired by, Ann Fergione P-22, Sandi Pascari P-21 and Michelle Stetler P-22, pub night happened for a second year, only in a virtual format! In speaking with all of the co-chairs the co=chairs they said “Having it all virtual was definitely a new challenge we had to take on, but it allowed us to think outside of the box and create a new way for our GMA families and alumnae to come together and support our school and students”.

But how did they do it, is a question you might be wondering. The team worked tirelessly for months to prepare for a night of trivia, a week of online auctioning, and lots of memories to be created. They were able to gain the support of 31 sponsors for McAuley’s Pub Night. Families and alumni could sign on to the website and find a page that took them to fabulous auction items that were donated by many families of GMA students and companies in the area. The items truly were a hit! There was an afternoon of “Cornhole, Coffee, and Convos with our amazing teachers Mrs. Daly and Mrs. Clearkin”, piano lessons with Dr. Myers , a 3 day stay at a beautiful beach house, and even a “Name the Sign” auction item to name a few.

Although the GMA community was not able to truly be in McAuley’s Pub on the Gwynedd campus this year, many families created their own little pub in their own houses on February 27th, 2021! Hosted by MCM Entertainment, the McAuley’s Pub Night event team was able to have a live and free trivia night for anyone who wanted to join! And people wanted to play! Having over 700 participants on the online trivia night, over 150 teams played 5 rounds of fast paced trivia. Families and friends were able to get together and compete for a first, second, or third place prize from GMA! Trivia was only one part of why the night was so successful. A Pot of Gold raffle was also part of the evening wish a cash prize of $1,861.00 reminding us of what year our school was founded.

After lots of hours of volunteering from our co-chairs and Gwynedd Girls, the event was successful and truly created a night of laughter and smiles from all who participated. It is because of events like these, and people like our Gwynedd family remains strong. In a time of challenge, this event is a reminder of what we can accomplish together.