George Valentine 2021

Kalie Mogg

The George Valentine Raffle officially began on February 5, 2021. The student body, both in person and over Zoom, got to watch a kick-off video and a live friendship trivia competition between some of their favorite teacher friendships. Students were also given the opportunity to hear about the two amazing causes that all the proceeds are going towards. Mercy Focus on Haiti is an organization committed to assisting the human needs in Haiti in an effective way. The Equal Justice Initiative is an organization committed to ending mass imprisonment and punishments, fighting for racial and economic justice, and protecting human rights. Some of the prizes that were raffled off for these causes were Chick-Fil-A and Wawa lunches, sweet treats and drinks for a week, pizza parties, assortments of gift cards, and self-care baskets. The raffle tickets were sold from February 8, 2021 to February 16, 2021 and Mr. Fromhold announced the lucky winners of the raffle baskets at the programming day on February 17th.

There was a very different approach to this prized Gwynedd tradition with this year being what it is. Instead of a live auction, girls were able to buy raffle tickets over the span of one week to have a chance to win the items and prizes. Despite not being able to be the school bonding event George Valentine typically is, this year the fundraiser was definitely a success.