Last Day Before Christmas Break

Hayley Young, Writer

On the last day of school before Christmas break, the seniors and the sophomores came into school for some holiday fun.  The Gwynedd community planned a unique schedule of activities for the girls, and in the spirit of the season, they were encouraged to wear their craziest Christmas sweaters.

Their day started with a Christmas liturgy, which the students at home watched on Zoom.  As everyone at home began to catch up on any extra work before break, the students in school moved to the gym for some Christmas activities.  They played a Christmas-themed limbo and guessed some trivia questions.  After the excitement in the gym, the girls split into different homerooms for the rest of the day.  In their assigned homerooms, the fun did not stop!  Students enjoyed more games like Christmas Quizzo and Scattergories.  Meanwhile, Gwynedd’s Mercy Melismatics caroled around the school throughout the day to spread even more Christmas spirit.  They walked from homeroom to homeroom, singing songs like Jingle Bells and Joy to the World.

Even though the last day of school before Christmas looked a little different this year, Gwynedd’s senior and sophomore classes still enjoyed all of their Christmas activities.  They cannot wait for the holidays and look forward to seeing everyone again in the new year!