Annual Mercy Hospice Dinner

Serena Olden

On Monday December 7th, the Gwynedd community came together to provide homemade meals and hand wrapped gifts to the residents at the Mercy Hospice in Philadelphia. The Mercy Hospice offers a residential service with the mission of reducing poverty and easing adversity for homeless women. Families cooked entrées such as ham, turkey, mac and cheese, green beans, and corn, as well as baked fresh goods including brownies, cookies, and cupcakes.

Although the Hospice dinner would traditionally consist of the residents singing, dancing, and celebrating the Christmas season together, this year, the event looked different due to the current Covid pandemic. But regardless of the circumstances, the residentiary benefited from the Gwynedd community’s generosity.

The Mothers’ Club collected the donations and delivered them to the Mercy Hospice. The Gwynedd mothers were greeted at the door by many volunteers who were overwhelmed by the amount of donations, and a few of the residents even had tears of joy in their eyes when they saw what was being delivered to them! Overall, the Hospice dinner was a great success, and the families appreciated their meals and gifts!

The next event the Mothers’ Club is sponsoring is the annual “McAuley’s Pub Night, Let the Shenanigans Continue”. The event is taking place on Saturday, February 27 at 8pm with a silent auction and pot of gold raffle. The night will include trivia, music, and fun!