Junior Ring Mass 2020


Alexis Kelerchian

November 19th marked a momentous occasion for the Class of 2022. On Thursday evening, the junior class attended their class ring ceremony at Saint Helena’s Parish Church. It was a night of prayer, reflection, and celebration as the juniors received their rings, a tangible embodiment of their commitment and connection to the Gwynedd community.

Monsignor Joseph J. Nicolo presided over the service, leading the junior class and their families in a beautiful celebratory liturgy. Grace Stetler ’22 recited the first reading, and Alexis Kelerchian ’22, Madelyn Markey ’22, Angela Mazzeo ’22, and Michaela McCook ’22 read the petitions. Following the junior class’s recitation of the blessing of the rings, Margaret Howard ’22 read the names of her fellow classmates as each student received her ring. The ceremony closed with the Class of 2022 singing the alma mater, a pledge of unity with one another and with the Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School community.

Amid a global pandemic and a year of social divisiveness, the Gwynedd Mercy Academy Junior Ring Mass was more than a simple congregation. The ceremony illustrated the resilience of the school community and the junior class as the students and their families came together in a place of worship to remember what it means to truly be a young woman of mercy. Other than the occasional programming day, the class of 2022 rarely gathers in its entirety, but the ring mass served as an opportunity to be together and celebrate as one body, administration, faculty, students, and family alike. The Gwynedd community has worked tirelessly to overcome the seemingly insuperable challenges of COVID-19, and holding the Junior Ring Mass was a testament to the school’s dedication in preserving the spirit of mercy in these unprecedented times. The junior class is immensely grateful to their school community and those members of the community who aided in facilitating the Junior Ring Liturgy for the Class of 2022. No doubt following Thanksgiving break when the students return to the school building, a new year of girls will walk the building with the Gwynedd red and gold on their fingers.