“Into the Woods” by Gwynedd Musical Theater


Cassandra Smith, Editor-In-Chief

On November 12, 13, 14, and 15, Gwynedd Girls took to the stage to put on Steven Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” with boys from area schools. From the start they had a very new approach to putting on the production with virtual auditions in August. The show was performed for the immediate family of cast members and the cast sported masks handmade by Mrs. O’Neil during the shows.

Jenna Toth ’21 and Siobhan Brogan ’21 portrayed the Baker’s Wife, who sets on a journey into the woods with her husband to retrieve magical items so they may have a child. Jillian Baldassari ’22 and Abigail Bernesky ‘22 was the Witch, sending the couple on this wild journey. Along the way, characters from everyone’s favorite fairy tales appear in the woods and tie into their story. Cinderella, played by Amanda Pfiher ’24 and Cecilia Carrasco ’24, finds a way to get to the festival by journeying into the woods. Little Red Riding Hood, Natalia Donia ’21 and Kristen Yezzi ’23, sets off into the woods to bring sweets to her granny, little did she know she would encounter a wolf that turns her whole world upside down. Jack and his mother, portrayed by Delaney Lynette ’23 and Megan Myers ’23 and Ellie Keaton ’21, deal with the struggles of poverty and set off into the woods in search of money.

The cast and crew did an amazing job working through their performance in the most uncertain of times. Thanks to the dedication of the cast, crew, production team, and administration, there was another successful performance for the Gwynedd Music Department.