Project Mercy: Trip to MerryMead with Mercy Neighborhood!


Lucy Ke

After school on October 19, over 100 Gwynedd students attended a service event for Project Mercy at Merrymead Farm. The Project Mercy program, run by the Ministry and Service team at Gwynedd Mercy, partners with Mercy Neighborhood Ministries to arrange fun, interactive events for pre-school kids with Gwynedd girls. On this fall afternoon, the children spent an afternoon with the Gwynedd girls at the farm. Kiera Webster ’24, an organizer of the Project Mercy events and a Ministry & Service officer, hoped for the event to be a success and that the kids would be able to enjoy themselves. On the way to meet the kids, Grace Githens ’25 said, “I’m so excited to have such a great afternoon at Merrymead with these lively kids.” At the farm, they had a wonderful time as they went on hayrides, ate ice cream, wandered through the corn maze, and viewed the animals living on the farm. Not only did they get to experience these fun activities, but they were also able to form excellent bonds with the young students from the Mercy Neighborhood. The Gwynedd girls also gave the little children bracelets of kindness made from Mercy Day. It was a blast! On building the relationships with the kids, Carli Amos ’25 said, “We got ice cream and we really got to connect with each kid!” After a few hours of these fun fall festivities, the exciting afternoon sadly had to come to an end. However, it would be an experience that Gwynedd girls would treasure in their hearts deeply. Calliope Beatty ’25 reflected, “This service project was so uplifting for us and the kids,” and Charlotte Wolfe ’25 stated, “I absolutely adore these kids and I love being able to spend time with them! It makes my day and I always leave with a smile.” This event brought many smiles to faces from both schools, and sure was a bright light in their days.