PAL’s Mercy Day Activity for Freshmen

Jessica Crocker

After a day of liturgy and service, a night of tie-dying shirts and Just Dance with glowsticks was the perfect prelude to the true fun of Mercy Day! On Thursday night, our freshmen monarchs arrived at school with white shirts ready for tie-dying and duffel bags prepared for memorable sleepovers. PAL leaders guided the freshmen through the process of soaking their shirts in Gwynedd’s red and gold and decorating them with their slogans for this year’s Mercy Day. The freshmen then enjoyed a meal of pizza and ice cream before they gathered in their assigned homerooms to learn a dance routine for the long-awaited Just Dance event. When they returned to the Gym, they received glowsticks and performed a spectacular routine to the song “I’m Still Standing.” All of that dancing energized them for a few traditional Gwynedd cheers and one last glow-in-the-dark dance before they departed, continuing the traditions of Mercy Day with their sleepovers. Now that another year’s Mercy Day has passed, our amazing PAL leaders, board, and faculty will continue to organize Mercy Day as an event that incoming freshmen for years to come will never forget!