The George Valentine Auction!


Ashley Kane, Writer

From February 14th to the 18th, Gwynedd girls participated in the George Valentine Auction!  The George Valentine Auction is an annual fundraising event to raise money for three organizations: The American Red Cross, Mercy Focus on Haiti, and the Wildlife Conservation Society.  On Friday the 18th, students were given the opportunity to hear about these three amazing organizations.  The American Red Cross is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that responds to disasters, builds safer communities, and raises money for disaster relief.  In addition to the American Red Cross volunteer corporation, Mercy Focus on Haiti is the Sisters of Mercy of Americas who lead service for people who are materially poor living in Haiti.  Lastly, the Wildlife Conservation Society is a group of people who aim to save wildlife habitats, educate others, and research wildlife through science. This year Gwynedd raised over $2,600 for these three great causes!   

During the week, Gwynedd students, faculty, and staff bought raffle tickets to place a bid on their favorite baskets.  For example, some baskets included self-care, Gwynedd merch, and baked goods.  The winners were announced during Gwynedd’s newly implemented community period time on February 18th.  On that Friday, students watched a humorous skit about being in love with a LaSalle gentleman followed by an epic dance.  A big thank you to Mr. Fromhold and the Ministry and Service team who organized this wonderful Gwynedd Tradition.  When Rose Mazzeo, President of the Ministry and Service team, was asked about the preparation for the George Valentine Auction she expressed, “A big thing that was different this year was that we did not have the auction component, and we focused more on the raffle to allow more student contribution which was amazing!  It was so much fun to plan!”  

Even though the George Valentine Auction last year did not go as planned, this year definitely made up for it.  During the George Valentine Auction, Gwynedd students, faculty, and staff were allowed to come together to strengthen their bond as a Gwynedd community without having to worry about COVID-19.  In the end, the George Valentine Auction this year was one more step towards normalcy and was a huge success!