Junior-Senior Formal!

Jenna Mangan, Editor

On Saturday, February 5th, the junior and senior classes dressed up in their prettiest dresses and strapped on their dancing shoes for an unforgettable night at the Junior-Senior Formal! Having missed the annual Gwynedd formal last year due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Gwynedd community was so excited to have a formal this year. And it did not disappoint! Student council members organized the dance helping with decorations, ticket ordering, and advertising. They decided to go with a glow-in-the-dark neon theme for this year’s formal, and there were glow sticks, light-up balloons, and flashing lights all throughout Gwynedd’s gym. Dylan Burke, a sophomore student council member, stated “It was really fun setting everything up, and seeing how much everyone enjoyed it made it all worth it!”

Gwynedd girls and their dates tore up the dance floor all night and had an amazing time. Senior class member Serena Olden said, “I was just so happy that we got to do this again. We didn’t have a dance last year, and it is my last year at Gwynedd, so I was so happy to see this tradition brought back to life.” If you needed a break from the mosh pit and blaring music, you could head up to the cafeteria for some delicious food provided by Brock. There were chicken nuggets, mini hot dogs, homemade potato chips, and everyone’s favorite buffalo chicken dip! Also, shoutout to all the teachers, staff, and administrators who volunteered their time to help chaperone the dance and make the night a success. It wouldn’t have been possible without them! Overall, this night was one to remember and will be a core memory for our school community.