Juniors Celebrate Gwynedd’s Annual Ring Mass

Charlotte Ormond

On November 18th, the class of 2023 attended the annual Ring Mass held in their honor. The Ring Mass is a beloved tradition at GMAHS for the Juniors and their families to gather together for a beautiful mass, where the Juniors receive a class ring and attend a reception afterwards. It provides a great chance for parents and family to celebrate the Junior class and their success at Gwynedd through the blessing of their class rings. This annual event has proved to be a very special tradition throughout the years.

​This year the mass was led by Father Richard Smith. He provided the Juniors with a vital reminder about the significance of the ring they would be carrying as the rings are a special momentum of Gwynedd that symbolize the circle of mercy. He explained to the class that their rings will serve as a constant reminder of everything that Gwynedd has instilled in them. After the mass, the Junior class president, Ava Harvest, introduced each of her fellow classmates to receive their rings.And of course, no Gwynedd event would be complete without the Alma Mater, that the girls joined in singing to close off the ceremony. Afterwards, everyone gathered in the gym for some refreshments. 

​Thanks to Sister Patti, Mr. Fromhold, and the Mothers Club, the Ring Mass was yet again a success that allowed the Gwynedd community to grow closer and feel some normalcy, gathering together as one after so much time apart from the pandemic. Junior class member, Maura Battisto, stated that the ceremony was important to her because, “It was so memorable for the Juniors and brought us together as a class”. The Juniors now each have a beautiful, polished ring to show off their love and pride for Gwynedd that will be a timeless token of their special school for years to come.