Matilda The Musical


Jessica Crocker, Writer

From November 11th to 15th, the Gwynedd students and boys from neighboring schools performed Rony Robinson’s Matilda—inspired by Roald Dahl’s novel of the same name—for the Gwynedd students, staff, and families. Following the story of a young girl named Matilda who possesses a mind that never fails to strike awe to those around her, the students brought the world to life with colorful sets, expressive costumes, and phenomenal acting. Despite the trials of a tight schedule and a world still struggling with uncertainty, the cast and crew delivered a spectacular performance full of wit, humor, sorrows, and happy endings. 

Kristen Yezzi ‘23 and Madison Markward ‘24 played the lovable and imaginative Matilda who brings justice to her home and school in unconventional ways. Elizabeth Romano ‘23 and Jill Baldassari ‘22 were the sweet Miss Honey, the shy and hesitant teacher who encourages Matilda’s remarkable abilities and overcomes her troubled past. Abigail Bernesky ‘22 performed as Miss Trunchbull with a terrifying nature beyond any child’s fancy. Sara Stoud ‘23 and Paige Jalosinkski ‘23 portrayed Mrs. Wormwood with a dramatic flair to the lover of beauty and wealth. Olivia French ‘22 and Molly Meehan ‘23 depicted Mrs. Phelps, who eagerly awaited every bit of Matilda’s story from the podium of her library. Gabrielle Brotyman ‘22 and Catilin Scanlon ‘25 played Sergei to take his justice from the shady and unfair deals of Mr. Wormwood. 

Once again, outstanding reception from the audience met the performances. Thanks to our cast, stage crew, lights and sound team, and pit orchestra, the shows were a success. Thank you to the show’s team for yet another splendid performance!