How to Focus in Online School

Elizabeth Gomez

Siblings bothering you, parents barging into your room, pets wanting attention, and the constant, incessant noise of others causes us students to become distracted easily when we are in virtual school. With all these distractions surrounding and occupying us, stress becomes a huge issue; for, we cannot listen to the classes taking place and understand their concepts. Thankfully, though, there are a variety of methods that can help us pay attention to school and disregard those frustrating disruptions. Here are some of the most helpful tips that aid you with paying attention during virtual classes:


1.) Maintain a Routine: Instead of waking up two minutes before a class, create a schedule to follow when you are home for school (such as waking up at 7:00, going on a quick run, taking a shower, or eating a healthy breakfast).

2.) Set Up a Workplace: Whether you take your computer and books to your kitchen, basement, or living room, creating a quiet, distraction-free workplace helps you to concentrate and remain attentive during online school.

3.) Put On Headphones: Using headphones to listen to your teacher instead of your speaker helps eliminate distracting noises, preventing you from becoming inattentive during your lessons

4.) Reaching Out: Do not be afraid to reach out to teachers if you find yourself behind in lessons/classwork! Set up meetings after school or during your WIN periods, so you can talk to them and figure out a plan that will help you catch-up!