Creative Writing Piece: The Eye Candy

Zoe Mackey

I enter the house with the loud music.

So loud that it’s tearing my eardrums, making the side of my head a bloody mess.

I see the bodies of people decked in costumes.

One as a zombie, the other as what seems to be a witch.

They seem to be having a fun time.

As I walk through the house, I hear excessive discussion about something.

“We’re getting ready for the eye candy”

Eye candy?

Not something that I am accustomed to.

Yet, I was oddly intrigued by this “eye candy”.

After what seemed like an eternity, this strange woman brings out the eye candy.

It looks so appetizing

and beautiful

and so real.

The eye candy sits in a puddle of dark red syrup,

but the syrup smelled like rusting metal.

Regardless of the smell, the bodies lunge at the woman.

They devour the tray of eye candy, not forgetting to lick the dark red syrup of rusting metal.

I take just one and inspect it.

I smelled it but immediately tasted rising stomach acid.

This eye candy wasn’t candy,

but the bloodshot eye of the last poor soul that walked into this house.

Legend says that anyone who walked into this house would have their eyes taken in fear that the bodies that live here would be exposed to the world outside.

The syrup that surrounded the organ was this person’s blood.

I felt disgusted, enraged.

How could someone do this?

Take away the eyes of someone innocent.

I wish I could be there to save them.

As I got lost in my thoughts, the woman and the bodies turned to me.

That was when I knew that my eyes were next.