Crew Team Takes on Their Next Season

Mia Van Mater

To the average person, working out in below freezing weather with three layers of clothing does not sound appealing. To Gwynedd crew girls, this type of weather fuels the fire within. Because of Covid-19 distancing regulations, winter crew has been moved from the warm, insulated workout room to the senior parking lot. Each practice, the girls bundle up and haul the erg machines outside. They also do plenty of vigorous body circuits and “Mercy Mile Runs” to stay warm. This may seem intense to do in the thirty-degree weather, but the girls are used to dealing with frostbitten fingers, numb toes, and blisters. After all, rowing is not designed for the weak.

Rose Imbesi ’22, a junior rower, shares her experience in these unprecedented times. She says, “Even though we are braving it in the cold, the team’s spirit is high. We come out here, practice hard, and get the job done. Many teams are unable to even practice right now, so we are very fortunate that we can be together.”

The team has their hopes set on a normal spring season. With consistent use of the ergometers, which are workout machines that imitate the motion of the boat, the team believes they can win races. The machines help rowers build strength, improve their form, and gain speed. By the time winter training ends, the team members will be in peak shape to enter the spring season. Junior rower, Maddie Gibson ’22 sums up the common goals of the team and their season. She says, “Despite the challenges that this year and the cold brings, the girls are continuing to motivate each other and improve themselves in preparation for what hopes to be a successful spring season.”