All Gas, No Brakes- Tableau Campaign Takes on Instagram

Lauren Slovensky, Editor-In-Chief

First came the emails, and next came the flyers. Seniors Hailey Morris and Grace Galbreath would stop at nothing to secure what they wanted: the roles of Mary and Joseph in the annual Candlelight Tableau. After Sr. Susan announced to the Senior class that Candlelight preparation had begun, the two girls decided that it was their chance to shine, and this was an opportunity they were not going to pass up. “Well it was during soccer practice when we decided to make the jump,” Morris said. “We had to put ourselves out there and be different from the competition.” Originally campaigning separately, the girls decided that joining forces as running mates would give them the strength in numbers to win the votes. “With the corona virus making everything difficult we wanted to have a memorable tableau, so we decided campaigning would make it more fun,” adds Galbreath. Both girls were also sure to accredit Mrs. Battisto for her help and direction as their official campaign mentor, with Morris stating, “Word on the street is she has been mentoring us day in and day out.” With this enlisted help of Mrs. Battisto, their dedicated campaign was taken to a new level.

Though they already had many guaranteed votes, the girls decided they needed to take it one step further than emails, flyers, and a loyal mentor. So, the duo hit the media and created an Instagram account, with their post asking new fans to #reply in the comments if they had their vote. “This is definitely the most important election of the year,” says Galbreath. “It was kind of like our homecoming, so we pulled out all the stops. All gas, no brakes,” adds Morris. The effort of these dedicated seniors was beyond evident, and as of Friday, November 20th, the votes have been officially cast by the Senior class. So, the only question is, will they be Gwynedd’s next Mary and Joseph, or will they have to settle for Magi?

This is a developing story. Check back soon for updates and to meet the official tableau.