Sophomore Retreat


Lucy Ke

On Friday, March 24th, the Class of 2025 headed to Philadelphia for their highly awaited sophomore retreat. The girls were especially looking forward to performing their service tasks and sang together joyfully and excitedly on the bus ride there. After much planning done by Mr. Fromhold along with the student leaders (Sophomores Camille Campbell, Lucy Ke, Lilly Morrissey, Charley Pascucci, Katie Romano, Caitlin Scanlon, Aurora Simmer, and Lucia Weid), students made their ways to various locations across the city, including Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, Project HOME, Face to Face, Mercy Hospice, St. Martin of Tours, St. Raymond, St. Malachy, and St. Helena’s Incarnation. Our Gwynedd girls made a magnificent impact on the world through completing many jobs at each place, such as organizing supplies and also interacting personally and thoughtfully with the people of the organizations. The experience truly opened their eyes to serving the neighbor, and as Ms. Cymerman’s theology class had just covered the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, the girls were very eager to act upon them. Some tasks for the girls, specifically at Face to Face, a human services organization in Germantown, were cutting vegetables, cleaning items, and helping in the kitchen to feed the hungry. At Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, girls played with the little preschoolers to brighten their day. Every task was impactful and beautiful!

After arriving back at Gwynedd, students were asked to reflect on the day, and every girl, regardless of where she had gone, was incredibly thankful for the opportunity to participate in this retreat and even shared a willingness to do it all again. Leader of the Project HOME group, Camille Campbell ’25 says, “Last Friday, my group was able to connect with other members of our Mercy community at Project HOME. I really enjoyed hearing the stories of those who had been helped by the efforts of the organization, and I hope to continue to do service there in the future.” Aurora Simmer ’25, leader of the group to St. Helena’s Incarnation, reflects by stating, “The retreat was very successful and life changing, and as being a leader with a passionate care for this trip, it was heartwarming to be able to make a difference.” Each year, this amazing tradition allows the sophomore class to view the world through a different lens and empowers them to continue to love and serve the neighbor.