Mercy Effect’s Character Breakfast


Lucy Ke

On Saturday, March 18th, the Mercy Effect team held their long-awaited Disney Character Breakfast. This annual event had finally returned after a pause due to COVID, and it was absolutely incredible. The magical morning consisted of 122 young children from around the area celebrating with their favorite characters in the Gwynedd building, whether this be through dancing in the gym with the Princesses and Fancy Nancy, training to be superheroes with Sensei Mr. Waltrich, or getting glam makeovers done by Gwynedd girls to look like their favorite Disney princesses. It was a beautiful party, and guests enjoyed meeting the characters as well as eating a delicious breakfast of cookies, pretzels, juices, muffins, and so much more in Tiana’s Café. The Mercy Effect team, run by the lovely and hardworking presidents, Natalie Plamondon ’23 and Gracelyn Parenti ’23, worked tirelessly along with Mrs. Cymerman, Mrs. Barry, and Ms. Fasano to bring back this amazing event, and they spent the whole school year planning and organizing every single detail of it. The club members even stayed at school for hours before the event to make sure everything was perfect. They were so proud of how the breakfast turned out to be, as it was a hit! It was beyond heartwarming to see the little girls catch sight of their favorite princesses and excitedly squeal with joy. Mercy Effect’s Disney Character Breakfast raised approximately $2000 to go to a School in a Box, a box of school supplies and materials for children in emergency situations. Mercy Effect and their wonderful works will continue to make magical dreams come true in years to come.