Thanksgiving Food Drive

Lucy Ke

From November 2nd to November 15th, Gwynedd’s Ministry and Service team ran their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. The donations to the food drive were collected to benefit families of Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, which are the families of the same kids that Gwynedd girls spent an afternoon with at the service trip to Merrymead Farm earlier this school year. Each homeroom teamed up in this food drive “competition” and each student signed up online to donate certain items to contribute to their homeroom teams. The items donated were given to the families to contribute to their Thanksgiving meals. The number of family meals completed by each homeroom would be counted and the homeroom with the most completed meals were able to choose among these prizes: a breakfast party, a pizza party, or a Christmas party. Mr. Fromhold also provided turkey trophies for the winners.
This event was extremely successful as the whole Gwynedd school community, both students and faculty, provided a grand total of 91 completed meals. The first place winner was Dr. Kuyat’s homeroom, who gave 7 full meals. Olivia Slamm ’25, the Ministry & Service representative for this winning homeroom, reflects on the experience of the Thanksgiving food drive by saying, “This experience really showcased how Gwynedd girls can come together to help those in need.”
These Gwynedd girls did not contribute to the Thanksgiving food drive simply for the prize; they knew they were helping great families so they were more than willing to give. Gwynedd looks forward to celebrating a Christmas party with Mercy Neighborhood Ministries in December.
Happy Thanksgiving!