What is the Perfect Gift for a Teenager?

Elizabeth Gomez, Junior Editor

One of the most common and frustrating problems people face during the holidays is, “What presents should I give to my loved ones?” Too many options buzz around in your mind; once you have made the decision, their disappointment seems inevitable. Teenagers, especially, seem impossible to please, for whatever gift you buy them is never what they, “actually wanted.”

As a senior in high school, I like to believe I know what most teenagers want as presents – and it is not as complicated as it may seem. Teenagers love freedom in all its forms, whether it be the freedom to drive, the freedom to take care of themselves, or the freedom to decide. In your gifts to them, incorporate this independence.

Yet, what presents accomplish this? What gifts allow the freedom of decision? Below, I have listed two of the most popular -and favorable- examples, which will both make a teenager happy and give them teenagers what they truly desire -independence:

1.) Money

Money can be used in so many ways, whether it be to buy clothes, buy books, or buy countless other things. No limits come with money, which teenagers absolutely love.

2.) Gift cards

Though their spending is restricted to a specific store, teenagers can still decide what they want -jeans, a t-shirt, a hat, a purse, etc. With gift cards, teenagers are still able to choose.

Gifts become complicated when they are particular. Broadness gives freedom to those who receive your presents: they get to decide instead of you deciding for them.