Gwynedd’s Open House


Sara Stoud

On the first weekend in October here at Gwynedd, we experienced our annual Open House! On this momentous occasion, we opened our doors to the public and let them know what the monarch spirit is all about. We had many ambassadors walking the halls and scholars showing off their talents.  In the music room, faculty and students interested in music talked about all the wonderful music opportunities that we are given here at GMA. In addition, Mr. Borton was also there to talk about Matilda and how incredible this year’s musical is going to be.

Many clubs were set up to show off what they do. Robotics even had an interactive robot for future monarchs to drive! Speech and Debate, which was in the lecture hall, informed those interested in their events about the benefits of public speaking and information on where they perform their debates later in the year. Furthermore, the gym was fully stocked with various other clubs, highlighting athletics, and each table contained something new. Some performances were also displayed during our open house! Mercy Mesmastics, our school’s acapella group, was among them, along with Jazz Band, Girls with Guitars, and actresses singing and playing songs from Matilda the Musical. Scholars included Art Scholars, one of whom is Paige Jalosinski. She not only was in the art room drawing with her fellow scholars but performed with the musical, the acapella group, Girls with guitars, and Jazz Band!

“It was a little chaotic, but overall rewarding! I love the things I do, and I was happy to express them to other future monarchs,” she said.

Overall, the Open House was a success! With many familiar faces attending the Practice Exam and Scholarship exam this weekend, we hope to see many future monarchs lining our red and gold corridors in the next year!