Gwynedd Christmas Tree Competition


Charlotte Ormond

Competition was fierce at Gwynedd as homerooms had fun decorating their own Christmas trees as part of a new Christmas activity. They all received small empty trees and had to come up with a creative theme to make the tree come alive. After about a week and a half of planning time, the trees were judged, and winners were picked. Out of many themes such as white Christmas, Corona Christmas, and Rudolph, only a few came out victorious. The Freshman winners were Homeroom 13, with a Grinch themed tree. Homeroom 21 took the win for the Sophomores with their Grinch themed tree, 2020 addition. The Junior winners were Homeroom 4, with a Harry Potter themed tree that sorted the teachers into Hogwarts houses. Homeroom 1 won for the Seniors with a Polar Express themed tree. And finally, the Freshmen’s Homeroom 13 Grinch tree took the overall win. The tree decorating competition was a new event started this year by student council and will certainly become a new tradition at Gwynedd.