What is L.E.A.D?

Grace Stetler

Planning, empowering, and inspiring are three things the L.E.A.D Initiative Board continues to do as they head into the holiday season! For anyone who does not know, the L.E.A.D board is a team of 12-14 girls who meet weekly to discuss the leadership needs of the school! L.E.A.D stands for Learn, Achieve, Educate, and Develop. These four words are actually calls to action as well as the board’s four pillars. Gwynedd girls discuss how they can amplify the voice of every Gwynedd Girl and make sure that everyone’s ideas and opinions are heard.

During November and December, the L.E.A.D Board, led by Mrs. Guarnaccia, has been working toward planning some different programs for when Gwynedd returns from Christmas break. The board is split into different small groups, so that each small team can take a task to accomplish. Jobs could be decorating bulletin boards, getting in contact with alumnae, or emailing the school community to ask what they would like to see from the team. Currently, they are working on planning ahead for after the holiday season and seeing what changes they can make in the new year. Along organizing events, the team makes sure to incorporate some fun into the holiday season! Each season the girls have a group Christmas swap, where they each get a L.E.A.D. member and swap gifts! It is a great way to celebrate the holiday season as well as celebrate all the team has done so far! Although the L.E.A.D board is only about two years old, they are forging ahead and making sure to use their voice to make an impact on the Gwynedd community! They cannot wait to come back and continue working hard in the New Year! Great job L.E.A.D!