November Programming Day- Virtual Thanksgiving Liturgy and Great Guest Speakers

Alexis Borrelli

On November 18th, the girls had a successful programming day. Although they were virtual, the day went smoothly and began with a Thanksgiving Liturgy that the entire school attended. The sophomores got to choose from a variety of different speakers depending on their future career interests. They had an option to listen to alumnae that work in fields of business, communications, psychology, medical, law, or engineering. After, the sophomores attended a virtual seminar of Seton Hall University to learn more about the wonderful university and have the underclassmen get a jump start in the college touring processUnfortunately, it had to be postponed, but the seniors were going to participate in a session titled “Ending the Silence” with Abby Grasso, executive director of the Montgomery County chapter of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), in which she would break myths and stigma surrounding the topic of mental illness. The seniors are looking forward to hopefully having this session soon. Overall, it was a prayerful, productive, and informative day!