Thanksgiving Food Drive

Serena Olden

The annual Thanksgiving Food Drive took place during the week of November 9th. Students, according to the homerooms they are in, were asked to bring in canned goods such as sweet potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, or packaged items including mashed potatoes or stuffing mix. Overall, the students and faculty of Gwynedd Mercy Academy were able to collect a total of 840 items in a week! The following homerooms were honored for bringing in the most items:

Homeroom 10 for bringing in 38 cans of sweet potatoes and yams.

Homeroom 20 for bringing in 74 cans of vegetables.

Homeroom 22 for bringing in 53 cans of cranberry sauce.

Homeroom 3 for bringing in 74 packages of mashed potatoes.

Homeroom 5 for bringing in 79 packages of stuffing mix and gravy.


Along with the canned or packaged goods, students were asked to bring in money to help provide dinner to the members of the Mercy Neighborhood Ministries and the Gesu ​Association. As a school community, over $500 was raised to supply around 75 members with a feast on Thanksgiving evening. Overall, the Food Drive was an immense success, and the Gwynedd Mercy community was able to help many families and individuals during this season.