Vision 2020


Grace Stetler

Vision 2020 is now a part of history here at Gwynedd Mercy! Vision 2020 Votes is a national, nonpartisan effort to encourage women to get out and register to vote in the 2020 election. The main mission of Vision 2020 is to increase the power of women’s votes in decisions that affect society, and to honor those women who won the fight for women’s rights to vote. But how did this get to Gwynedd? This organization was brought to GMA by the L.E.A.D initiative board led by Mrs. Guarnaccia. The L.E.A.D board encouraged participation from all of the students at GMA sharing flyers, sending emails, and having a competition between the grades. Listed on Vison 2020’s website was a number of tasks that each girl could complete to boost their participation for their grade. Brynn Romberger ’22, a junior at Gwynedd, completed most of the tasks listed on the website. Brynn said, “One task I was able to complete was simply just to remind friends and family to vote and the importance of it!”. The Freshman won first place, the Seniors came in close second, and the Juniors placed third. Besides winning a prize, each class was able to come together to learn about different ways to encourage voting and inspire one another during a very important time in history. Vision 2020 empowered Gwynedd girls to use their voices in a positive way and make sure that during the election they make a difference even if they cannot vote.