Mercy Day Liturgy and The Installation of Officers

Abigail Wolbach

Liturgy and the annual installation of officers. The Liturgy was officiated by Father Mike, with support from the Ministry and Service department and Liturgical Music. Liturgical Music sung merciful songs like Go Make a Difference and ended the service by leading the school in singing the Alma Mater. The mass was wonderfully organized by Mr. Fromhold and the Ministry and Service Council. After mass, the school celebrated the Sisters of Mercy who work at Gwynedd as they renewed their vows. Sister Christie, Sister Patti, Sister Susan, and Sister Bernadette received a round of applause after they renewed their vows of sisterhood together in front of the whole school.

After the Sisters renewed their vows, Sister Susan led the school leaders in the installation of officers. First, the student council representatives were sworn in, promising to honorably serve the school as the voices of their classmates. Next, the club presidents, vice-presidents, and editors received their pins, which are the signs of installation as the leaders of the school. This year they received new pins that broadly identify them as school leaders. These new pins have a monarch butterfly on them, surrounded by the words “Lead with Mercy.” Now displayed on the school leader’s blazers, these pins speak to how students at Gwynedd are taught to lead.

The Mercy Day Liturgy and installation of officers was a beautiful service, one to remember. Celebrating such a lovely day as an entire school, where seniors celebrated their final Mercy Day liturgy, and Freshmen celebrated their first. Mercy Day is a day for everyone to spread mercy and love, and united as a school, Gwynedd shared in that mercy and love together on Thursday.